Holy Bible King James + Audio App Reviews

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Wonderfully created & beautifully presented ! Thanks & God bless you !

Real bible

If you want a real bible go with this one! I have checked lot and find this one With the real translation and not modifyed of the word of the bible. Thks

KJV Bible

Very good and easy to use and share !!!

Awesome version

Love the version, very easy to access the books and the king james really rocksss. Go for it.

Holy Bible

Share it as many as possible ! The aplicative is very usefull and also necessary to keep

Five stars

Very like it. Clean layout, very easy to manage it.


Easy to use.


So cool.


Easy to use even offline. Thanks!

Great Bible

Very user friendly. Great features, easy to find verses, definetly like it!


I Love this app its very helpfull to me, and my Friends are using it as well, and its also helpfull to them.


I general very good, but some passages are incorrectly translated. Please check the King James version, as well as the original Aramaic text which was the basis of the Greek translation of the New testament. Excellent Aramaic / English translation by prof. Brown in Canada.


very helpful app, worth to keep it on tour.


The application is just the best.i love it and will always do.please improve more on it,thanks.

Super App.!!!

very easy to search for any particular chapter or verse you want to read (keyword search also possible).


Hallelujah! JESUS IS ALIVE! LETS SPREAD THE GOOD NEWS! THANK GOD FOR THIS BIBLE! Thank you my Lord for such a Good app.


Love this app


Very User friendly App. Praise the Lord!

My Bible

I love this KJV its so easy to use

Love this App

Awesome and very useful! I like to hear the audio while im reading. Thanks❤️

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