The Holy Bible - King James Version App Reviews

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HB214 - Still My Favorite App!!!

Now on version 7.10.3 and is still my top favorite app right along with Charles Spurgeons "Morning and Evening". Please keep it updated!

Wonderful Bible app

I enjoy the features of being able to leave notes next to verses and being able to highlight my favorite key verses. App needs some tweaking: The search for chapter and verse should each be in groups of 5 for quicker location of verses. There should be a way to advance within a book or chapter without having to start at the beginning for a search. In other words, if I am reading Revelation 14:8, I should be able to easily jump to Revelation 17:5, but instead I have to first select the book of Revelation and then chapter and verse. I would like it to assume I want the same book, then I would only have to enter a new chapter and verse. Wish I could copy two consecutive verses that appear on two separate pages all at one time. Instead, I have to copy and paste each one separately. I bought the Strongs Concordance but have never been able to access it. I would appreciate some technical assistance. Need more variety of colors to highlight text such as purple and orange. Some of my marginal notes are hidden under the tools and pencil tabs. It would be better if the marginal notes were on the left side instead of the right side. It would be very useful to be able to have a search engine to find a verse by typing a few key words that I remember and then have a box appear with verse suggestions that match the search criteria.

Wonderful tool

Cant get a better Bible study app than this. I like the way the notebook is set up,the best that Ive used. Thanks guys.

New Updates

I like the app, but I recently tried to listen to the bible in airplane mode. I am disappointed that wifi has to be used for this feature now.

Great App

Could be a little more user friendly in navigating through.

Love it, but...

UPDATE Oct 15, 2016: Still needs a lot more highlight colors. ORIGINAL REVIEW: Replaced my other four digital bibles. Wish it had a lot more highlights though, 4 is not enough for different categories.

Review update

In my initial review I mentioned a couple functions I would like to see, then found in the online help that 2 of the 4 items (bookmarks and history tracking) are already included. I love it. Now if only I could scroll to the previous chapter which would allow me to see the last verses instead of having to navigate to them.


I have enjoyed using KJV for over two years and I have found it to be one of the best available. I really appreciate not having to deal with ads. The only problem I cant seem to get pass since one of the latest updates is that I now have to set the volume, and the first chapter when before I didnt have to set the chapter if I wanted "1". A small problem but can be irritating if it wasnt necessary before.

Great App!

Enjoy using this app!

Angel Amavisca

I love this bible app you dont need wifi to access it and you can highlight and mark your favorite verses. I highly recommend it.


Thank You for no ads, no sales, no promos. Sharing the Scriptures in a most straightforward and readable format. The best. I feel most fortunate for finding this app❤️

Awesome bible app

Ive been using this app for more than two years. Its simply the best.

Great app!

Excellent app for the word of God!


This is a great way to get in touch with god

Love it!

Great app tons of translations!! Hopefully they will add the passion translation!

My Favorite!

A very good app. Smooth; simple to use; powerful resources!


Word of God at its best! Still discovering features. Great application.


Use it daily. But I have a lot of margin notes, usually associated with a date. Need a search feature so I can go find a specific note.

Love the updates

Love this app!

Best bible App Ive used so far

Navigation in the App is easy. Can write notes, refer back to the Bible and bring in scripture into my notes without breaking a sweat. Easy to highlight key verses I need to refer to again later. Backs up notes so no fear of losing everything if one changes a device. And since links to ID, is also accessible between devices eg iPad and iPhone. Im yet to exhaust its offerings. Great App!

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